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Power of 4!

This format gets you right into the action and lets you cast big spells turn after turn starting with the very first one.

Power of four is a highlander format centered around the number four.

Maximum and starting hand size = 4. No mulligans.

Starting life = 22 in a two player game and 44 in 2HG.

Deck size = 44 with an optional 4 card sideboard.

You start with 4 mana producing Emblems in play. Two Emblems that produce colorless mana plus two different color producing Emblems of your choice. You decide which emblems to use during deck construction.

All spells in the deck must be playable for four mana from your hand. This includes extra costs like kicker,replicate and buyback.
Alternative costs are OK as long as it involves exactly four mana.
A card must in itself explain how it is possible to cast it for four mana.
_ Example - Hangarback Walker can only be played as 2/2 for four mana.
_ Example - Jilt can only be played with kicker.
_ Example - Zahid Djinn of the Lamp can only be played for its alternative cost.
_ Example - Ghoultree can only be cast if you have exactly four creature cards in your graveyard.
_ Example - Myr Enforcer can only be played if you have exactly three artifacts in play.

The total mana cost for each spell you cast must be four. Any additional non-mana costs may be payed. Phyrexian mana is a mana cost but can be payed with life instead.
Convoke and delve also counts as paying mana.
_ Example - Beseech the Queen must be played as 2BB spell from your hand.
_ Example - Birthing Pod can be played for 3G or 3 and 2 life.
_ Example - Treasure Cruise can NOT be played since the total is eight mana regardless of how you pay for them.

From other zones any costs can be used to play a card.
_ Example - Battle Screech can be flashbacked from the graveyard by tapping three creatures.

All cards ever printed that can be cast for four mana and all lands are allowed,
except those that alter the casing cost of an opponents spells or spell types.
The un-sets are excluded but if your group wants to use them no one will stop you.

Banned card list. Short one at the moment.
_ Mind Twist
_ Goblin Charbelcher

The banned list will be added to if needed. Find me the broken cards!
Mind Grind is currently on the watchlist.

Remember to add lands to your deck. Here's some of the reasons why you should:
Magus of the Tabernacle
Erratic Portal
Jace the Mindsculptor is a good reason to get access to that extra blue mana source.

Format created by Peter   |  Page edited 2019-07-14

The Emblems in the images on this page will be renamed Crystal, Pearl, Sapphire, Jet, Ruby and Emerald.
The images are rough drafts but are shown here as examples so you can make your own proxies with ease.


MtG card

MtG symbol




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