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Shipping cost · comics & stuff · within Europe

Shipping depends on how well you want the comics packed, and on how much the total weight is.
Airmail start at $2 and goes to $15 for 1 kilo (>2 lbs.).
You optimize the shipping cost if the weight is slightly below 2 kilos or below 10 kilos.

2 kilos equals:
  • 4-5 comic size tp:s like Preacher or Sandman, or
  • 6-7 manga collections like Blade of the Immortal and Oh My Goddess, or
  • 30-40 comic books.


Shipping cost · comics & stuff · outside Europe

Depends on what you want to buy. Contact us for further information!


Shipping cost · cards · anywhere in the world

Any amount of single cards cost $2 to ship anywhere.
If you want the security of registered mail you'll have to pay an additional $5. We recommend registered mail when you are buying for larger sums.



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