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Alla priser anges i SEK. Plastfickor, backerboards, mylar, lådor och andra tillbehör till serier och samlarkort finner du under Förvaring i menyn till vänster. Senast uppdaterad 2022-08-10.

Warren1984190SF magazine (fn)
Warren19941350SF magazine (fn)
Warren19941750SF magazine (fn)
DC52 weeks526025th anniversary edition
DCAction comics1000801970's cover
DCAction comics1000801950's cover
DCAction comics1000801930's cover
DCAction comics100080regular cover
dcAction comics annual1040ltd cover edition
capital cityAdvance Comics 1993jan100The debut of Death (Bachalo cover). Still in plastic bag with vertigo preview comic.
catalogAdvance comics SET #16-19-60Nostalgia from a lost distributor.
catalogAdvance comics SET #9-14-100Nostalgia from a lost distributor.
catalogAdvance comics SET from 1988-1989-300The first three catalogs from Capital City Distr.
DCAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons3220
siriusAkiko on the planet Smoo ashcan20
dark horseAliens (2009)130
dark horseAliens dust to dust140
dark horseAliens Earth War SET1-4200The miniseries by Verheiden/Sam Kieth!
dark horseAliens vs Predator070
dark horseAliens vs Predator170
dark horseAliens vs Predator240
marvelAmazing Spider-Man (2022)244
marvelAmazing Spider-Man SET641-650500Big Time m.m.
DCAmerican vampire anthology30FN
idwAngel (after the fall)440rare b/w cover
idwAngel (after the fall)540rare promotional cover
idwAngel (after the fall)740rare b/w cover
idwAngel (after the fall)960all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1040all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1140all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1250all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1350all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1450all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1540all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1640all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1740all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1840all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)1940all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)2040all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)2140all art (virgin) cover
idwAngel (after the fall)2240all art (virgin) cover
marvelAngela Asgards assassin140
ann arborAnn Arbor Argus newspaper (1970)2420Tabloid newspaper with underground comics.
imageAphrodite IX150Wohl/Finch
image/top cowAphrodite IX150Wizard World 2000 cover.
imageAphrodite IX240Graham Cracker cover
eclipseAppleseed book four120vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book four220vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book four320vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book four420vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book three120vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book three220vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book three320vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book three420vg to vf
eclipseAppleseed book three520vg to vf
DCAquaman preview (1994)50Peter David. Size A4.
vizArea 88 komplett mangaserie (42st)1000SAAB Viggen in action.
planetlarAstronauts in trouble ashcan 19951.520
DC/wildstormAuthority (2006)150
dcAuthority vol 4230ltd cover edition
DC/wildstormAuthority vol.2130From 2003.
DC/wildstormAuthority vol.2820
DC/wildstormAuthority/Lobo jingle hell!140Giffen Grant Bisley
marvelAvengers (new)1930
marvelAvengers (new)2230Civil War
marvelAvengers (new)2330Civil War
marvelAvengers (new)3160variant sketch cover
marvelAvengers (new) illuminati140Civil War
marvelAvengers (now)240Jonathan Hickman
marvelAvengers World135Jonathan Hickman
bongoBartman and Radioactive Man ashcan130
DCBatman1950DEMO Mad fold in cover
DCBatman3840Alternate cover
DCBatman (rebirth)2130The button cover
dcBatman and Robin430variant edition
DCBatman and the mad monk130Matt Wagner
vizBattle Angel Alita vol.11200First issue.
jove cartoonBeetle Bailey basket case20Knasen
jove cartoonBeetle Bailey new outfit20Knasen
DCBefore Watchmen Minutemen140
DCBefore Watchmen Moloch140
DCBefore Watchmen Nite Owl140
DCBefore Watchmen Silk Spectre140
dark horseBig Guy and Rusty240
marvelBizarre adventures (1981)27100Secret lives of the X-men (vf).
marvelBizarre adventures (1981)2750Secret lives of the X-men (fn).
fantagraphicsBlack Hole SET1-12500Hela Charles Burns svit.
DC/vertigoBlack Orchid (Vertigo) #1-22 + Adventure 42400
about comicsBlank Comic Book20draw your own!
bleeding coolBleeding cool magazine150
cartoonBone5030Jeff Smith
heroBone holiday special1001993
imageBone sourcebook-30
marvel/iconBook of lost souls130Straczynski/Doran
marvel/maxBorn335Garth Ennis
dark horseBPRD killing ground130
dark horseBPRD soul of venice30
imageBrigade150M: August 1992.
DC/paradoxBrooklyn Dreams SET1-3100J.M. DeMatteis
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight330full art cover
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight430full art cover
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight730
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight1130
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight1230
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight16302 cover versions
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight1730
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight18302 cover versions
dark horseBuffy the vampire Slayer season eight19302 cover versions
dark horseBuffy thye Vampire Slayer season 914025th anniversary cover
marvelCable (2008)130
-Cadillacs & Dinosaurs man-eater 1-380bonus Tyco Toy special
-Cadillacs & Dinosaurs wild ones 1-3100Linsner cover
marvelCaptain America2230Civil War
marvelCaptain America2330Civil War
marvelCaptain America2430Civil War
marvelCaptain America60140a very special issue cover
marvelCaptain America reborn130
marvel knightsCaptain America vol.41430
marvel knightsCaptain America vol.41630
marvel knightsCaptain America vol.41930
vizCaravan Kidd (Johji Manabe) SET (manga)500The entire series (30 issues)
gladstoneCarl Barks Library Walt Disney's Comics and stories1-33150033 Barks gn's.
magazineCartoonist showcase (Modesty Blaise mm)2150Secret Agent X9 cover
magazineCartoonist showcase (Modesty Blaise mm)3200Tarzan cover
magazineCartoonist showcase (Modesty Blaise mm)9500Modesty Tarzan & Bond cover
magazineCartoonist showcase signed by O'Donnell82500Modesty Blaise cover
Tower PressCavalcade of old time comic strips SET1-2100From 1974
valiantChaos effect alpha20
valiantChaos effect omega30
DC/vertigoChildrens Crusade 1-2 + 5 vertigo annuals300Niel Gaiman
DCCinder and Ashe DC miniserie100Modesty-style
magazineCinefantastique vol. 10130
magazineCinefantastique vol. 11130
magazineCinefantastique vol. 11230
magazineCinefantastique vol. 11430
magazineCinefantastique vol. 12130
magazineCinefantastique vol. 13130
magazineCinefantastique vol. 13430
magazineCinefantastique vol. 13530
magazineCinefantastique vol. 5230
magazineCinefantastique vol. 5430
magazineCinefantastique vol. 7230
avatarCinema Purgatorio complete SET18 nummer400Alan Moore
magazineClint170Mark Millar m.fl.
magazineClint250Mark Millar m.fl.
magazineClint350Mark Millar m.fl.
drexel hillComic art: an international bibliography100From 1986
overstreetComic book price guide 197050Copy of the very first guide.
magazineComic collector 1984fall40Modesty Blaise article and more.
page oneComic Relief180Best humor magazine ever!
magasinComic Relief #1-100900Opus Calvin&Hobbes and more
eclipseComics Express vol.1160Outland Ernie and more.
eclipseComics Express vol.1240Outland Ernie and more.
magazineComics Journal12730Bill Waterson
magazineComics Journal16350Vertigo-issue
winchesterComics of the american west HC (1977)150Maurice Horn (fn)
magazineComics Revue vol 11100Bloom County (Opus) dandelion cover!
magazineComics Revue vol.1 (1984)440Star Wars Bloom County...
magazineComics Revue vol.1 (1984)640Latigo Spider-Man...
magazineComics scene 1990april20Bill Sienkiewicz
magazineComics scene 1990february20Bill Sienkiewicz
magazineComics scene 1990october20Spiderman av Charles Vess
D.C. ThomsonCommando123820English war stories
D.C. ThomsonCommando160520
dark horseConan140Kurt Busiek
dark horseConan and the songs of the dead130
dark horseConan the Cimmerian020
DCConstantine330ltd ed cover
jdCrawfords Encyclopedia of Comic books HC2501978 (fn)
marvelCrazy magazine550
marvelCrazy magazine650
marvelCriminal140Ed Brubaker
avatarCrossed family values140C2E2 version
avatarCrossed family values140wrap version
imageCurse Words140foild stamped cover
marvelDaily Bugle friday october 13 193930
marvelDaredevil160hiphop cover
marvelDaredevil27825Ann Nocenti
marvel knightsDaredevil45130Bendis
marvel knightsDaredevil45330Bendis
marvel knightsDaredevil45430Bendis
DCDaredevil annual (2016)150variant cover
marvelDaredevil sketch cover8960
dark horseDark Horse Presents3450Aliens
dark horseDark Horse Presents3640Aliens vs Predator blue cover
dark horseDark Horse presents Aliens PF platinum edition60Bisley/Nelson (fn+)
marvelDark Reign files know your foes!40
marvelDark Tower long road home140Stephen King
marvelDark Tower long road home530Stephen King
top cowDarkness lodbrok's hand150double signed
imageDawn do not touch the earth50Linsner
DCDC universe the ending begins here020Grant Morrison
disneyDisney adventures (1994)august20Bone in color!
IDWDonald Duck150nya ettan!
IDWDonald Duck160Nystart för Disney i USA
IDWDonald Duck1250art appreciation cover (Van Gogh)
gold keyDonald Duck21510vg
gladstoneDonald Duck24660First gladstone issue (fn)
gladstoneDonald Duck24750
gladstoneDonald Duck24930(vg/fn)
disneyDonald Duck adventures150M:
DCDoom Patrol (2016)140Bolland cover
DCDoomsday Clock1100Lenticular cover (Rorschach)
dark horseDrakuun (manga) SET1-24400All 24 issues
idwDungeons & Dragons020Peter Bergting
magazineEagle 40tabloid from the 70's by Severin
ecEC lives!1972100Wallace Wood adult SF-cover
-EC portfolio (1973)3250Horror/SF/fantasy
-EC portfolio (1973)4250Horror/SF/fantasy
-EC portfolio (1974)5200Horror/SF/fantasy
abstractEcho150Terry Moore
abstractEcho240Terry Moore
abstractEcho1230Terry Moore
dark horseEmpowered animal style40oneshot
dark horseEmpowered hell bent or heaven sent40oneshot
dark horseEmpowered medicine40oneshot
dark horseEmpowered nine beers with ninjette40oneshot
marvelEpic illustrated740(fn)
marvelEpic illustrated 1980250(vf)
kitchen sinkErnie and his Uncle Sid180
warp graphicsEssential Elfquest150M:
marvelEternals140Neil Gaiman
marvelEternals240Neil Gaiman
marvelExcalbur5630Alan Davis
marvelExcalibur1100Alan Davis 1988
marvelExcalibur4240The return of Alan Davis 1991.
marvelExcalibur (2004)630Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)830Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)930Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)1030Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)1130Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)1230Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)1330Claremont
marvelExcalibur (2004)1430Claremont
marvelExcalibur (new)140Claremont
marvelExcalibur (new)230Claremont
marvelExiles2830Wolverine cover
marvelExiles3330Wolverine cover
marvelFallen Son the Death of Captain America Iron Man30Two cover versions
marvelFantastic Four23830
marvelFantastic Four27425
marvelFantastic Four29420
marvelFantastic Four34730Wolverine
marvelFantastic Four34830Wolverine
marvelFantastic Four34930Wolverine
marvelFantastic Four50325Mark Waid
marvelFantastic Four52830Straczynski
marvelFantastic Four52930Straczynski
marvelFantastic Four53230
marvelFantastic Four53430
marvelFantastic Four53530
marvelFantastic Four53830Civil War
marvelFantastic Four54030Civil War
marvelFantastic Four54430
marvelFantastic Four57030Mr Fantastic cover
marvelFantastic Four (2018)160
marvelFantastic Four a death in the family40
marvelFantastic Four ashcan 199420
-Fanzine Eccentrics (1980)130
greater mercuryFat Ninja130Kris Silver.
magazineFine animation art with auction prices-60Disney and more. Lots of pictures.
dark horseFlaming Carrot annual130
DCFlash (rebirth)140
dynapubsFlashback240Reprints Human Torch 5/1941.
DCForgotten Realms420
DCForgotten Realms820
DCForgotten Realms1020
DCForgotten Realms1120
DCForgotten Realms1220
DCForgotten Realms1320
DCForgotten Realms1420
DCForgotten Realms1520
DCForgotten Realms1620
DCForgotten Realms1820
DCForgotten Realms1920
DCForgotten Realms2020
DCForgotten Realms2120
DCForgotten Realms2220
DCForgotten Realms2320
DCForgotten Realms2420
IDWFrankenstein alive alive140Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson
IDWFrankenstein alive alive240Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson
magazineFrazetta Fantasy Illustrated6-8100"Issue 6, 7 and 8."
wizard pressGen 131/2200in protective original holder
marvelGhost Rider (2006)130Daniel Way
marvelGhost Rider vol.2630With Punisher from 1990
aardvarkGlamourpuss130Dave Sim
aardvarkGlamourpuss (Dave Sim)1100exclusive preview edition
dcGlobal Frequency1130Warren Ellis
dcGlobal Frequency1230Warren Ellis
slave laborGloom Cookie830
slave laborGloom Cookie930
slave laborGloom Cookie1030
slave laborGloom Cookie1130
slave laborGloom Cookie1230
DynaPubsGolden plates SET1-10250tabloid from 1973
disneyGoofy adventures130M:
disneyGoofy adventures930James 'Goof' Bond cover
disneyGoofy adventures930M: Gottredson. James Bond cover.
DC/paradoxGreen Candles230
DC/paradoxGreen Candles330
DCGreen Lantern (2005)135Both covers in stock
DCGreen Lantern (new 52)3640lego cover
dc/piranhaGregory III-60Special gold cover edition
marvelGuardians of the galaxy650Angela
DCHarley Quinn (new 52)340
DCHarley Quinn (new 52)1130
DCHarley Quinn (new 52)1240lego cover
fantagraphicsHate annual845
magazineHeavy Metal 1979apr50
magazineHeavy Metal 1979sep50
magazineHeavy Metal 1981sep50
magazineHeavy Metal 1982dec50
magazineHeavy Metal 1982nov50
magazineHeavy Metal 1982oct50
magazineHeavy Metal 1982sep50
magazineHeavy Metal 1984feb50
magazineHeavy Metal 1984jan30(vg)
magazineHeavy Metal 1985jun30(vg)
magazineHeavy Metal 1986winter50
magazineHeavy Metal 1989jul40
magazineHeavy Metal 1989may40
magazineHeavy Metal 1989winter40
magazineHeavy Metal 2002jan60
magazineHeavy Metal 2002mar60
magazineHeavy Metal 2002may60
magazineHeavy Metal 2007fall50
DC/vertigoHellblazer17730Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer17930Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer18730Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer19030Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer19330Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer19730Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer20040Mike Carey
DC/vertigoHellblazer20730Mike Carey
DCHellblazer (rebirth)150variant cover
imageHighbrow entertainment 199420Savage Dragon
newcomersHit Man (1995)-40Signed by Mats Engesten
dcHitman/Lobo140Garth Ennis
armadaHomelands - On the world of Magic the Gathering100Rebecca Guay
magazineHonk! (1986) SET1-2100Don Martin Alan Moore Bill Watterson...
marvelHouse of M130Bendis
marvelHouse of M230Bendis
marvelHouse of M sketchbook-20
marvelHoward the Duck (1976-) med Kiss!12200
marvelHoward the Duck (1976-) med Kiss!13200
marvelHulk950variant christmas cover
marvelHulk1140Wolverine art cover - cave art
marvelHulk family green genes140
marvelHulk giant-size140Planet Hulk
marvelHulk sketch cover9860
DC/vertigoHunter age of magic330
DC/vertigoHunter age of magic1730
DC/vertigoHunter the age of Magic1130
DC/vertigoHunter the age of Magic1230
DC/vertigoHunter the age of Magic1730
magazineHustler barely legal 2005may50
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible a piece of the pie20Hagbard
torHägar the Horrible again & again20Hagbard
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible I dream of genie20Hagbard
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible look sharp20Hagbard
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible silly sailing20Hagbard
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible start the invasion without me20Hagbard
atticaHägar the Horrible tries again20Hagbard
jove cartoonHägar the Horrible we're doing lunch20Hagbard
makeshift mediaI like comics140Editor/artist Peter Bagge
ImageImage Plus (Image+)1100
ImageImage Plus (Image+)230
ImageImage Plus (Image+)330
ImageImage Plus (Image+)430
marvelIncredible Hercules11330variant edition
warnerIncurably Mad197710
DCInfinite Crisis coundown to30
innovationInterview with the Vampire130Anne Rice
marvelIron Man50930
marvelIron Man51030
marvelIron Man51130
marvelIron Man51230
marvelIron Man51330
marvelIron Man51430
marvelIron Man51530
marvelIron Man51630
marvelIron Man51730
marvelIron Man51830
marvelIron Man51930
marvelIron Man52030
marvelIron Man52130
marvelIron Man52230
marvelIron Man52330
marvelIron Man52430
marvelIron Man52530
marvelIron Man52630
marvelIron Man52730
marvelIron Man (marvel now)160
marvelIron Man (marvel now)240
marvelIron Man (marvel now)340
marvelIron Man (marvel now)530
marvelIron Man (marvel now)630
bongoItchy & Scratchy140
magazineJack Kirby Quarterly - the fourth world of950
DC/vertigoJack of Fables140Bill Willingham
DC/vertigoJack of Fables230
marvelJohn Romita Jr. 30th anniversary special40
aardvarkJudenhass advance preview edition100Dave Sim
IDWJudge Dredd140
IDWJudge Dredd140Seriebörsen cover
IDWJudge Dredd130Third eye cover
IDWJudge Dredd150retailer incentive cover
IDWJudge Dredd340valentines day cover
2000adJudge Dredd in monkey business pocket20
magazineJudge Dredd megazine30060
street comixJungle Jim150Alex Raymond 1972
King featuresJungle Jim by Alex Raymond SET19722506 oversized strip collections. Part I to part II.
black bullJust a Pilgrim160M: Garth Ennis
DCJustice league (new 52)23.370holo cover Bolland
DCJustice League (rebirth)150
DCJustice League America1140variant cover
DCJustice League Dark (new 52)3640lego cover
DCJustice League of America540variant edition
DCJustice League of America (2006) variant cover240
DCJustice League rebirth special140
caliberKaos Moon full circle150David Boller (vf)
marvelKick-Ass directors cut130Mark Millar
dynamiteKiss (2016)1408 olika omslag.
marvelKitty Pryde & Wolverine140
DCKong the untamed160Wrightson/Alcala
benitezLady Mechanika250Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika250Cover B
benitezLady Mechanika350Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika350Cover B
benitezLady Mechanika550Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika2-350steampunk
benitezLady Mechanika clockwork assassin150Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika clockwork assassin350Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika clockwork assassin350Cover B
benitezLady Mechanika la dama de la muerte150Cover B
benitezLady Mechanika lost boys of west abbey150Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika tablet of destinies350Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika tablet of destinies450Cover A
benitezLady Mechanika tablet of destinies450Cover B
benitezLady Mechanika tablet of destinies550Cover B
dynamiteLegenderry150steampunk av Bill Willingham
DCLegion of Super-Heroes730Waid
DCLegion of Super-Heroes930Waid
DCLegion of Super-Heroes (2005-)130Mark Waid
firstLone Wolf & Cub720vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1120vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1320vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1420vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1620vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1720vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub1820vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2020vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2120vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2220vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2320vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2420vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2520vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2620vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2720vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2820vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub2920vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub3020vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub3120vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub3520vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub3620vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub3920vg to vf
firstLone Wolf & Cub4120vg to vf
FantagraphicsLuba's comics and stories430Gilbert Hernandez
DC/vertigoLucifer2540Painted Death cover.
DC/vertigoLucifer2630Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer3530Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer3730Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer3830Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer3930Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer4030Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer4130Mike Carey
DC/vertigoLucifer4530Mike Carey
magazineMad32320red cover
magazineMad32320yellow cover
magazineMadfall 197940
magazineMadfall 198040
magazineMadfall 198120
magazineMadfall 198320
magazineMadmarch 199420
magazineMadsummer 198820
magazineMad Super Special1840
magazineMad Super Special1830Nostalgic 4 included
magazineMad Super Special2330stickers included
magazineMad Super Special2630record included
magazineMad Super Special3120summer 1980
magazineMad Super Special3420spring 1981
magazineMad Super Special3820spring 1982
boomMagic the gathering (2021)150Hidden planeswalker
boomMagic the gathering (2021)150Kaya the Ghost Assassin cover
IDWMagic the Gathering path of vengeance140ltd ed cover
IDWMagic the Gathering path of vengeance240ltd ed cover
IDWMagic the Gathering path of vengeance340ltd ed cover
IDWMagic the Gathering path of vengeance350ltd ed cover with card
IDWMagic the gathering path of vengeance350with alt art card
IDWMagic the gathering path of vengeance450with alt art card
idwMagic the Gathering SET1-4160retailer incentive covers
IDWMagic the Gathering spell thief240ltd ed cover
IDWMagic the Gathering spell thief440ltd ed cover
marvelMagneto miniserie SET1-4501996-97
vizMai the psychic girl #1-28 komplett (manga)900
vizMai the Psychic Girl (manga) SET1-28600All 28 issues
magazineMall150SF-tabloid from the 70's by Dick Giordano
dark horseMartha Washington Dies35Frank Miller
marvelMarvel comics presents X-men minicomic10From 1988
marvelMarvel poster book (1991)140
marvelMarvel preview presents Man-Gods from beyond the stars1601975 (vg)
marvelMarvel reading chronology 200910
magazineMarvel super special James Bond Octopussy2650
marvelMarvel Super-Heroes featuring Daredevil and Iron Man3130vg 1971
marvelMarvels (1994)150Kurt Busiek/Alex Ross (fn)
dcMasterwork series Frank Frazetta SET1-250
fantagraphicsMechanics (Love and Rockets in color)320Jaime Hernandez (vg)
supergraphicsMediascene (tabloid)2350Moench/Gulacy Batman
supergraphicsMediascene (tabloid)2450Fantasy issue
supergraphicsMediascene (tabloid)25150Carl Barks
magazineMediascene prevue4530Morgan Fairchild cover
street enterprisesMenomonee falls guardian SET11-17100tabloid from 1973
street enterprisesMenomonee falls guardian SET6-9100tabloid from 1973
aspenMichael Turner presents Aspen140
gladstoneMickey & Donald160M: Don Rosa
gladstoneMickey & Donald175M: Carl Barks & Don Rosa
disneyMickey is sixty special commemorative edition400Exclusive disney animation art included.
IDWMickey Mouse150Nya ettan. Sub cover.
IDWMickey Mouse160Nystart för Disney i USA
gold keyMickey Mouse20310vg
gladstoneMickey Mouse21960First gladstone issue (fn)
disneyMickey Mouse adventures140M:
image/top cowMidnight Nation DF foil edition150Straczynski
DCMidnighter130Garth Ennis
imageMind the gap130
dcMinistry of Space330Warren Ellis
marvelMoon Knight saga20
abstractMotor Girl150
teknoMr Hero (Neil Gaiman's)260Gold foil signature - Gaiman.
tundraMr. Monster Attacks-60Art by Simon Bisley
eclipseMs Tree's thrilling detective adv SET1-230Frank Miller pinups!
IDWMy Little Pony1335cover A
IDWMy Little Pony1335cover sub
IDWMy Little Pony1540cover A
IDWMy Little Pony3035
IDWMy Little Pony3235
IDWMy Little Pony3335
IDWMy Little Pony3535
IDWMy Little Pony3635
IDWMy Little Pony3935cover sub
idwMy Little Pony (2022)144
IDWMy Little Pony generations140cover A
IDWMy Little Pony generations140cover B
marvelNamor the Sum-Mariner (1990)130John Byrne
aardvark-vanaheimNeil the Horse SET1-3100
marvelNew Mutans saga20
marvelNew Mutants9230
marvelNew Mutants9930
marvelNew Mutants annual530
marvelNew Warriors ashcan 199420
DC/vertigoNeverwhere230Mike Carey/Glenn Fabry
magazineNewtype USA 2006 med DVDdec117
magazineNewtype USA 2006 med DVDnov117
marvelNewuniversal130Warren Ellis
antarcticNinja High School S.T.D. (1992)130sexual awareness issue
DC/wildstormOcean140Warren Ellis
DC/wildstormOcean230Warren Ellis
dark horseOh my goddess alla nummer (vol 1#1-10#2)200074 issues.
dark horseOutlanders (Manabe) SET1-2150The first two issues.
marvelOzma of Oz140retailer incentive
magazinePanels250Carl Barks talks about Ducks
abstract studiosParadise Too1130Terry Moore
abstract studiosParadise Too1230Terry Moore
idwParker a portfolio of words and picturesvol. 250retailer incentive
drawn & quarterlyPeepshow1450Joe Matt
personalityPersonality comics presents Madonna1100Limited s&n edition (fn).
marvelPeter parker spectacular Spider-Man150variant cover
setPhil Foglio: Girl Genius #0-13 + Xxxenophile #1-11900+ Buck Godot - Zap Gun for Hire tp
magazinePhoenix (tabloid format) preliminary issue-100
blackthornePlanet comics1250Dave Stevens cover (FN)
magazinePlayboy januari19894035th anniversary
magazinePlayboy januari199040
magazinePlayboy årgång (12 nummer)1966600
magazinePlayboy's playmate review60Victoria Silvstedt & Ulrika Ericsson
dark horsePredators movie adaption60
dark horsePredators movie sequel35
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)250Women of HPL cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)250Pantheon cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)550Portrait cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)650Portrait cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)750Portrait cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)850
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)850Women of HPL cover
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)950
avatarProvidence (Alan Moore)1250
marvelPunisher140ny tidning (2009)
marvelPunisher (max) force of nature50
marvelPunisher (MAX) little black book oneshot40
marvelPunisher annual (1990)330
marvelPunisher magazine425
marvelPunisher magazine525
marvelPunisher magazine725
marvelPunisher magazine825
marvelPunisher magazine925
marvelPunisher magazine1225
-Quack4100Dave Sim
vizRanma (manga) vol 1#1-7#5all90073 issues
cartoonRasl140Jeff Smith
cartoonRasl230Jeff Smith
rebel studiosRaw media mags160Quinn Vigil & Beachum (vf)
rebel studiosRaw media mags140Quinn Vigil & Beachum (fn)
D.E.Red Sonja (RRP edition)550retailer incentive
disneyRoger Rabbit130M:
marvelRunaways (2005)130
cgeRuse artwork preview edition1100Large (A4) retailer copy to show customers before the release of the comic.
DC/vertigoSandman28100Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3270Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3370Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3470Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3670Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3870Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman3970Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4070Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4470Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4570Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4670Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4770Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4870Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman4970Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman501000retailer version
DC/vertigoSandman5250Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman5350Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman5550Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman5650Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman5850Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman5950Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6050Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6150Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6250Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6350Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6450Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6550Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6650Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6750Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6850Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman6950Neil Gaiman
DC/vertigoSandman presents Bast230
DCSandman universe (2018)150
fleetway librarySchoolgirls picture library12920English publication from 1961
fleetway librarySchoolgirls picture library14420
fleetway librarySchoolgirls picture library14820
fleetway librarySchoolgirls picture library15720
fleetway librarySchoolgirls picture library16520
imageScorched (Spawn)166
marvelSecret Invasion150blank cover version
marvelSecret Wars coloring activity book crime of centuries50From 1984.
marvelSecret Wars sticker adventures the Tower of Doom50From 1984.
dark horseSerenity better days130
dark horseShadow Lady (manga) SET1-25400All 25 issues
d.e.Shadow midnight in Moscow140blank authetix cover
vault comicsShadow service140
DCShadowpact (Bill Willingham) SET1-5100
marvelShanna the She-Devil140Frank Cho
dynamiteSherlock Holmes130
marvelSilver Sable and the Wild Pack140
pacificSilver Star150Jack Kirby (vf-)
marvelSilver Surfer (now)140Michael Allred
marvelSilver Surfer vol.35030
bongoSimpsons comics230
magazine"Sojourn (Aragones, Bissette, Kubert)"1200Tabloid from 1977
acclaimSolar Man of the Atom - hell on earth1-450Hela miniserien (fn).
marvelSolo Avengers120
cgeSolus artwork preview edition150Large (A4) retailer copy to show customers before the release of the comic.
mirageSpace Usagi SET1-360fn
imageSpawn1060Dave Sim.
imageSpawn 30th anniversary135blank sketch cover
imageSpawn godslayer130
marvelSpider-Gwen (2015)240
marvelSpider-Man240Todd McFarlane
marvelSpider-Man340Todd McFarlane
marvelSpider-Man440Todd McFarlane
marvelSpider-Man830Perceptions with Wolverine.
marvelSpider-Man930Perceptions with Wolverine.
marvelSpider-Man1030Perceptions with Wolverine.
marvelSpider-Man1130Perceptions with Wolverine.
marvelSpider-Man1230Perceptions with Wolverine.
marvelSpider-Man amazing28330
marvelSpider-Man amazing32930
marvelSpider-Man amazing33025
marvelSpider-Man amazing36625
marvelSpider-Man amazing40520
marvelSpider-Man amazing51825Straczynski
marvelSpider-Man amazing53530Civil War
marvelSpider-Man amazing53630Civil War
marvelSpider-Man amazing55530
marvelSpider-Man amazing55630
marvelSpider-Man amazing61740breaking through cover
marvelSpider-Man amazing annual (2008)130
marvelSpider-Man family (2007)140
marvelSpider-Man SET1-23460The first 23 issues.
marvelSpider-Man spectacular10040Peter Parker
marvelSpider-Man spectacular12420Peter Parker
marvelSpider-Man spectacular13720
marvelSpider-Man spectacular14020
marvelSpider-Man spectacular14220Punisher
marvelSpider-Man spectacular14820
marvelSpider-Man spectacular15830
marvelSpider-Man spectacular17025
marvelSpider-Man spectacular22525
marvelSpider-Man spectacular annual920
marvelSpider-Man web of7025
idwSpike after the fall140
kitchen sinkSpirit150origin issue
magazineSpirit (great classic newspaper strips)260From 1968
tabloidSpirit tabloid press (oversized)-300In color on good paper from 1973
tabloidSpirit tabloid press (oversized)-150In color on good paper from 1973 (vf)
marvelSquadron Supreme130Straczynski
idwStar Trek alien spotlight - Borg40
malibuStar Trek deep space nine (Hero premiere #1)30From 1993
malibuStar Trek deep space nine (Hero premiere #1)70official sealed edition
heroStar Trek premier ashcan40numbered edition
antarcticStar Trekker1100Parody from 1992.
dark horseStar Wars a valentine story140
dark horseStar Wars rebellion630
avatarStitched940ancient evil cover
abstract studiosStrangers in Paradise5530Terry Moore
abstract studiosStrangers in Paradise5830Terry Moore
abstractStrangers in Paradise8830Terry Moore
abstractStrangers in Paradise retailer edition90100With all three main characters
abstractStrangers in Paradise sourcebook30
abstractStrangers in Paradise sourcebook40
cry for dawnSubtle Violents160M: Linsner
cry for dawnSubtle Violents140Linsner
DCSupergirl (1996)230Peter David
DCSuperman adventures of...64025Rucka
dcSuperman death of and return of issues60The death & return of Superman!
DCSuperman whatever happened to the man...50Alan Moore
IDWSupermarket440retailer gold cover edition
marvel/maxSupreme Power220Straczynski (fn/vf)
imageSupreme vol.2140Silver foil cover
imageTales of the Witchblade325Warren Ellis
imageTales of the Witchblade425Warren Ellis
dcTarzan - limited collectors edition2260Oversized 1973 (vg)
dcTarzan - limited collectors edition2990Oversized 1974 (fn)
3fingerpressThe 3 Geeks - Jim's Jerky20
desperadoThe Actress and the Bishop140Brian Bolland!
mauretaniaThe Dolphin20From 1993
DoverThe Kin-der-Kids (in color)1980150Complete run of the legendary comic strip
Chelsea houseThe Sunday funnies 1896-19501978400Box with 6 oversized tabloids
marvelThunderbolts11230ltd cover edition
marvelThunderbolts (2013)130Way & Dillon
marvelThunderbolts (now)140Way/Dillon
marvelThunderbolts (now)240Way/Dillon
imageTomb Raider takeover130
DCTomorrow stories special160Alan Moore
magazineTotal Recall official movie magazine30
marvelTransformers battle for cybertron198440big looker storybook
marvelTransformers more than meets the eye198530big looker storybook
cbldfTrue North (comic book legal defense fund)40Cerebus cover (vg)
spiderbabyTyrant120Bissette's masterpiece (fn)
spiderbabyTyrant350Signed by Bissette with gold ink. (vf)
marvelUltimate Elektra525Mike Carey
marvelUltimate Extinction130Warren Ellis
marvelUltimate Fantastic Four1325Warren Ellis
marvelUltimate Fantastic Four1625Warren Ellis
marvelUltimate Nightmare530Warren Ellis
marvelUltimate Spiderman6830
marvelUltimate Spiderman6930
marvelUltimate Spiderman7330
marvelUltimate Spiderman7430
marvelUltimate Spiderman8330
marvelUltimate Spiderman11830
marvelUltimate Spiderman11930
marvelUltimate Spiderman12030
marvelUltimate Spiderman12130
marvelUltimate Spiderman12330
marvelUltimate Vision030Mark Millar
marvelUltimate X4 complete set1-260Mike Carey's miniseries
marvelUltimate X-men2930Mark Millar
marvelUltimate X-men3430Bendis
marvelUltimate X-men3630Bendis
marvelUltimate X-men5325
marvelUltimate X-men5625
marvelUltimate X-men6125
marvelUltimate X-men6225
marvelUltimate X-men6425
marvelUltimate X-men7540
marvelUltimate X-men/Ultimate Fantastic Four annual140
marvelUltimates 830Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 930Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 1030Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 2160variant sketch edition
marvelUltimates 2130Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 2230Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 2330Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 2730Mark Millar
marvelUltimates 3130villains cover
marvelUltimates Saga40
marvelUncanny X-force (2011) SET1-3150Rick Remender
gladstoneUncle Scrooge2101001st Gladstone issue
gladstoneUncle Scrooge21230(fn)
gladstoneUncle Scrooge21350
magazineUnderground - Arcade comics revue340Crumb/Spiegelman
undergroundUnderground - Avenging World200Steve Ditko 1973
undergroundUnderground - First Kingdom (Jack Katz)240
undergroundUnderground - First Kingdom (Jack Katz)430
undergroundUnderground - Mr Natural (Crumb 1970)200
undergroundUnderground - White Comanche40last gasp true story
undergroundUnderground - Zap (Crumb)060
undergroundUnderground - Zap (Crumb)1100
undergroundUnderground - Zap (Crumb)3150
DC/vertigoUnexpected (oneshot)70
DC/vertigoUnexpected (oneshot)80ltd ed cover
valiantUnity030Cover price 'FREE'.
valiantUnity time is not absolute030
curtisUnknown World of Science Fiction250
curtisUnknown World of Science Fiction350
curtisUnknown World of Science Fiction550
curtisUnknown World of Science Fiction650
eternityUnscensored Mouse complete and uncut1250Gottfredson strips. Rare since the print run should have been destroyed.
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo420vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo520vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo720vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo920vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1220vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1320vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1420vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1520vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1720vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1820vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo1920vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2020vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2120vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2220vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2320vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2420vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2520vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2620vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2720vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2820vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo2920vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3020vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3120vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3220vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3320vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3420vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3620vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3720vg to vf
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo3820vg to vf
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4130
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4230
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4330
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4430
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4530
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4630
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4730
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4830
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo4930
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5030
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5130
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5230
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5330
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5430
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5530
dark horseUsagi Yojimbo5630
fantagraphicsUsagi Yojimbo color special SET1-390fn/vf
imageWalking Dead11830
imageWalking Dead12130
imageWalking Dead12730
gladstoneWalt Disneys Comics & Stories (WDCS)511100First gladstone issue.
gladstoneWalt Disneys Comics & Stories (WDCS)51440
fosterWalter T. Foster how to draw comics150Oversized. Cover price $1.
innovationVampire Lestat (Anne Rice)140Miscut (misprint)
vaultVampire the Masquerade150
vaultVampire the Masquerade150David Mack cover
top cowWanted530Mark Millar
imageWanted630Mark Millar
-Watchmensch50dubbelsignerad (30 av 40)
WarrenWeird fantasy (EC classic 5)140magazine format
marvelWolverine4220FN copy
marvelWolverine (2010)140
marvelWolverine annual199730
marvelWolverine annual200130
marvelWolverine art appreciation oneshot40
marvelWolverine Doop130Peter Milligan
marvelWolverine Doop225Peter Milligan
marvelWolverine first class630variant edition
marvelWolverine Netsuke330George Pratt
marvelWolverine old man Logan giant-size50oneshot
marvelWolverine saga20
marvelWolverine the end530
marvelWolverine vol.3150
marvelWolverine vol.3240
marvelWolverine vol.3430
marvelWolverine vol.3930
marvelWolverine vol.31030
marvelWolverine vol.31130Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31130
marvelWolverine vol.31230Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31230
marvelWolverine vol.31330Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31330
marvelWolverine vol.31430Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31430
marvelWolverine vol.31530Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31530
marvelWolverine vol.31630Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31630
marvelWolverine vol.31730Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31730
marvelWolverine vol.31830Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31830
marvelWolverine vol.31930Rucka
marvelWolverine vol.31930
marvelWolverine vol.32130Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32230Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32330Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32430Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32530Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32650limited edition
marvelWolverine vol.32630Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32730Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32830Millar
marvelWolverine vol.32930Millar
marvelWolverine vol.33030Millar
marvelWolverine vol.33130Millar
marvelWolverine vol.33230
marvelWolverine vol.33330
marvelWolverine vol.33430
marvelWolverine vol.33530
marvelWolverine vol.33630
marvelWolverine vol.33730
marvelWolverine vol.33830
marvelWolverine vol.33930
marvelWolverine vol.34030
marvelWolverine vol.34140
marvelWolverine vol.34330
marvelWolverine vol.34430
marvelWolverine vol.34530
marvelWolverine vol.34630
marvelWolverine vol.35050Jeff Loeb
marvelWolverine vol.3 SET20-25180Millars storyline
DCWonder Woman21825Rucka
marvelWorld War Hulk110025th anniversary edition
IDWWynonna Earp130
marvelX-23430my favorit new marvel charater (2005)
marvelX-23530my favorit new marvel charater (2005)
marvelX-23630my favorit new marvel charater (2005)
marvelX-23 (2010)1200Liu
cup o' teaXeno's arrow preview130Good art and story. Great little comic!
marvelX-factor2730variant cover
IDWX-files 1160art appreciation cover (Kyssen)
IDWX-files season 10135
IDWX-files season 101-
IDWX-files season 10235
IDWX-files season 102-
IDWX-files season 10335
IDWX-files season 103-
IDWX-files season 10435
IDWX-files season 104-
IDWX-files season 10535
IDWX-files season 105-
IDWX-files season 10 SET1-5200
marvelX-force (1991)140In original plastic with trading card.
marvelX-force (1991)330
marvelX-force (1991)1630X-cutioners Song
marvelX-force (1991)1730X-cutioners Song
marvelX-force (1991)1830X-cutioners Song
marvelX-men150Magneto cover
marvelX-men14230Grant Morrison
marvelX-men (2010)140regular cover
marvelX-men (2010)160white cover
marvelX-men (2010)740variant cover
marvelX-men (2010)1040variant cover
marvelX-men (2010)1040Thor variant cover
marvelX-men (2021)150Nystart!
marvelX-men all new150
marvelX-men all new160hiphop cover
marvelX-men astonishing730Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing830Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing930Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing1030Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing1130Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing1230Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing1430Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing (variant edition)1340Joss Whedon
marvelX-men astonishing saga140
marvelX-men astonishing sketch cover1760
marvelX-men astonishing sketchbook20
marvelX-men classic230
marvelX-men classic3320
marvelX-men classic3925Dark Phoenix saga
marvelX-men classic4220
marvelX-men classic6220
marvelX-men classic7020
marvelX-men classic10520
marvelX-men hidden years2225
marvelX-men legacy21030
marvelX-men legacy21330
marvelX-men legacy21430
marvelX-men legacy21530
marvelX-men legacy21630
marvelX-men legacy21730
marvelX-men legacy223125Wolverine art cover - Andy Warhol
marvelX-men legacy225401990's variant
marvelX-men legacy22630
marvelX-men legacy2274070 years cover
marvelX-men legends SET1-5200De fem första numren
marvelX-men Phoenix endsong330
marvelX-men the end book 2130Claremont
marvelX-men the end book 3130Claremont
marvelX-men uncanny27540
marvelX-men uncanny28140
marvelX-men uncanny41125
marvelX-men uncanny41425
marvelX-men uncanny42325
marvelX-men uncanny42320
marvelX-men uncanny42425
marvelX-men uncanny42725
marvelX-men uncanny43925
marvelX-men uncanny44525
marvelX-men uncanny44625
marvelX-men uncanny44825
marvelX-men uncanny44925
marvelX-men uncanny45225
marvelX-men uncanny45325
marvelX-men uncanny45725
marvelX-men uncanny45825
marvelX-men uncanny45925
marvelX-men uncanny46125
marvelX-men uncanny46325
marvelX-men uncanny46825
marvelX-men uncanny46925
marvelX-men uncanny47025
marvelX-men uncanny47130
marvelX-men uncanny47330
marvelX-men uncanny47430
marvelX-men uncanny47430
marvelX-men uncanny47530
marvelX-men uncanny47630
marvelX-men uncanny47730
marvelX-men uncanny47830
marvelX-men uncanny47930
marvelX-men uncanny48130
marvelX-men uncanny48230
marvelX-men uncanny48330
marvelX-men uncanny48430
marvelX-men uncanny48530
marvelX-men uncanny48830
marvelX-men uncanny49130
marvelX-men uncanny49450variant cover
marvelX-men uncanny500250Turner variant
marvelX-men uncanny50040Alex Ross cover
marvelX-men uncanny50035
marvelX-men uncanny51030
marvelX-men uncanny51730
marvelX-men uncanny51930
marvelX-men uncanny52030
marvelX-men unlimited2125
marvelX-men unlimited2825
marvelX-men unlimited2925
marvelX-men unlimited3025
marvelX-men unlimited4325
marvelX-men unlimited4425
marvelX-men unlimited4625
marvelX-men unlimited4825
marvelX-men unlimited4925
marvelX-men unlimited5025
marvelX-treme X-men2530
marvelX-treme X-men2830
marvelX-treme X-men2930
marvelX-treme X-men3230
marvelX-treme X-men3330
fantagraphicsZippy quarterly (1993)30magazine
action labZombie tramp1940ltd risqué cover (adult)
superverseZoom suit140Team Zoom edition ltd edition
aardvarkZootanapuss and Bunny230
aardvarkZootanapuss and Bunny270signed by Dave Sim
aardvarkZootanapuss and Bunny370signed by Dave Sim
aardvarkZootanapuss and Bunny470signed by Dave Sim
marvelMarvel voices - Pride150några blad med reva
marvelMarvel voices - Pride1110
marvelX-men Hellfire Gala188
antarctic pressCat Girl1110virgin variant
DCDC Pride 2022125
DCDC Pride Tim Drake special75








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